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•  Johnny E. Smith - President / CEO

•  David Karavitz - Canadian Operations

•  Ed Stewart - Sales & Installations

•  Kristann Smith - Administrative Assistant

•  Summer Smith Trapp - General Manager

Smith Environmental Products (SEP) was founded in 1982 and is a family run company. We are D&B listed as #60-962-8946. SEP is involved in water, fuel, and energy management. SEP is factory direct on all its product line. Over the last several years the company has greatly increased its emphasis on the energy reduction side. Our company personnel includes:

About Smith Environmental Products

25 years of

developing products!

We have distributors across the US and foreign markets. About half of those deal with our home office in San Antonio, TX and the other half deal directly with our Master Distributors for designated regions. Of course, not all of our network promotes our entire line, but the bulk of them do promote the energy management line. The SEP line currently includes commercial & residential products for:

A brighter, greener future starts now!



•  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Management

•  Polarized Refrigerant Additives

•  Surge Protection & Quality Power

•  Circuit Master Energy Savings

We have both manpower, relationships, and products needed to help the world “Go Green”. We also have training centers across the country. We specialize in developing innovative products for the marketplace.  If SEP can serve your energy reduction needs, contact us today!

•  Scale & Corrosion Control

•  Automotive Emissions Reduction

•  Water Conditioning