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10% energy savings guaranteed!

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Energy savings, improved power factors, surge protection - you get it all with Circuit Master! Put novice energy management systems aside and opt for the master for an innovative LNF circuit that enables more reliable electronic function! Are you ready for up to 20% in monthly electrical savings? Try Circuit Master today!

Energy needs? Come to the Circuit Master!

The state-of-the-art line filter capacitors of Circuit Master products allow them to boost the power factor and maximize energy savings for a more efficient overall system performance!

More power, more savings!

•  Single and three phase

•  Reduce amperage, KVA, and energy consumption

•  Filters THD and line loss

•  NEC-ETL/UL certified

•  Longer equipment life

•  10% energy savings GUARANTEE!

•  5-year warranty and product liability

•  Connects in parallel to load

•  Saves from line side, not load side!

The benefits of Circuit Master: