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Enjoy a lifetime

power warranty on

your Enginizer!

Enjoy better engine performance today!



Fuel efficient engine

Treat your engine to a clean, additive-free performance experience using Mono-Mag quality! Try our exclusive Enginizer product for a varnish and carbon bath that will protect your car or truck's engine from unnecessary damage and repair costs!

Take charge of a cleaner, more efficient engine!

Your Mono-Mag Enginizer will pay for itself within the first year! Your engine performance will be enhanced by the Enginizer's work on your fuel line, air intake, and radiator hose! No external power necessary or moving parts! Easy to install without tools.

The Enginizer experience:

•  Increased Engine Performance

•  Increased Fuel Combustion

•  Reduced Automotive Emissions

•  Added Power and Performance

•  Extended Engine Life

•  A More Complete Burn

•  Increased Gas Mileage

Benefits of The Enginizer: