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Challenger 3000,


Mono-Mag Pool & Spa


Your favorite pool games or relaxing spa experience get even better when those dangerous and discomforting water chemicals aren't joining you! Trust SEP for cost-effective, all-natural water conditioning products that protect your right to enjoy all the possibilities of water without harming the environment.

The greener path to water relaxation and fun!

•  Reduce chemical usage

•  Reduce scum

•  Reduce algae

•  Eliminate mineral buildup

•  Minimize pool and spa maintenance

Relax in chemical free water

Cut down on costly repairs, boost health safety, and limit maintenance time when you equip your pool or spa with our patented pool management system, The Challenger 3000! Expect to save up to 80% in chemical costs and usage through The Challenger's self-monitoring and chemical management capabilities! Take your pool enjoyment to newer, cleaner levels with The Challenger 3000!

Family fun gets better with The Challenger 3000

Who knew a little sun had the energy needed to wipe out the dangerous microorganisms making themselves at home in your pool? Choose Floatron, our portable, non-toxic water purifier that combines solar and electrical power for a mineral ion reaction that eliminates even the liveliest bacteria. These natural ions are so potent that they last for weeks, whereas chlorine filtration starts degrading after only hours. See what Floatron can do for your pool today - every product is backed by an excellent 24-month warranty!

Harness the power of the sun for cleaner water through Floatron!

•  Improve equipment life

•  Improve water clarity

•  Stabilize pH

•  Reduce odors

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