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There's no better way to improve the "Q" factor of your system than by enhancing it with the innovative, environmentally-friendly ThermaMax treatment! Oil buildup and acid damage are a thing of the past once ThermaMax's polarized molecule bonds to the metal, boosting your system with superior lubrication, efficiency, and safety!

Take efficiency to the max, ThermaMax!

•  Reduce operating costs

•  Reduce power usage

•  Reduce maintenance

•  Clean and restore older systems

•  Prolong equipment life

•  Improve compressor performance

•  Improve heat exchange ("Q" Factor)

Thermamax oil

ThermaMax is proven to:

ThermaMax's reputation as an energy-saving system enhancement has been cited by the Federal Energy Management Program of the DOE! Find out why by checking out its easy installation, system restoration capability, oil compatibility, and acid scavenging features now! Expect lower operating costs by the second month!

U.S. Department of Energy recommended!

•  Stop acid burn-out

•  Reduce compressor cycle time

•  Reduce friction noise and vibration

•  Help prevent bearing damage

•  Improve systems rapidly

•  Soften and condition seals